Drenched in color, inspired by experience, shaped by emotion, my art has always been the language of my thoughts. Through my work I seek to bring awareness of the social and cultural clashes that are patent in our world today. The starting points are digital photographs that I have taken during my travels, images of people and places looking to capture instants of a changing world.


In these series I record what I saw when attending a gallery, fair and museums, many times wondering why are people there really…. is it the fashionable thing to do? Are they really art lovers? Do they truly enjoy the experience? Do they really understand the meaning of it all? Are they going to buy? They move so fast that my head spins and my camera gets out of focus. I love it!


Some of the work is about curious incidents, some are about funny reactions people have when they see something different, some are about the rush of the moment, some are about the resting moments and some are just my imagination gone wild